We’re in it now!

Since the last European Rally and the General Assembly from 18 – 25 August, we have welcomed three new member organisations, and we will in the upcoming weeks present them to you. First is the Young Farmers’ Union of South Tyrol.

Their chairman Evi will here below present their organisation in a brief statement

We are the largest independent youth organisation in South Tyrol. With more than 9000 members distributed into 150 local groups, we cover the entire rural communities of South Tyrol. We act as an ambassador for agriculture, however, our members include not only the rural youth but also young people without an agricultural background. In our local groups, more than 1450 functionaries work voluntarily on the association’s activities. As regional organisation, we support them as far as possible. In addition, we organise several events each year at state level on the various topics, such as education, culture, traditions and ecology. Our most successful events include, for example, hand mowing, tractor skill driving, the innovation prize, various courses and further training and our symposium. We also organise projects to bring our regional products closer to the population and we are supported by our cooperatives.

If you would like to know more about the Young Farmers’ Union of South Tyrol, please visit our website www.sbj.it

Liebe Grüße