Sharing and Caring our way to the England Rally

Tori Ward is involved in the team for this years Rally in England “Sharing and Caring in a Democratic and Inclusive European Community”, here she shares some of her insight in the process of the arrangements! Has your organisation already registered your team? Deadline on the 28th of June 2019. The picture above shows the passing of the Rally Bell from previous …

The Strategy Workbook is out now!

Over the past few years the board of Rural Youth Europe has been working towards continuous strategic development of the organisation. Along side this process our Secretary General Jenni Heinonen has been collecting the process into a workbook which can be used to develop other organisations strategic direction. We are now very proud to launch the final result, a book that not only aims to support our member organisations in their work, but also others interested in developing their organisations, through simple methods that guide a process that clarifiers the goals and direction of NGOs. Click here to get your own copy of the Strategy Workbook