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10 reasons to be a Member Organisation of Rural Youth Europe

  1. You access a platform for sharing of good practice among rural organisations in Europe.
  2. You provide your members international activities about themes especially relevant for rural youth.
  3. You develop your organisation’s human resources by letting your young members, volunteers and employees participate in our activities, where they get knowledge about the selected theme and skills of leadership, project management and use non-formal educational methods.
  4. Your young people broaden their horizon, get more open minded and get better at intercultural communication and conflict management, which changes their attitude and multiplied strengthens rural communities.
  5. You get European visibility for your activities in the Rural Youth Project competition, the Rural Voices magazine, our blog, webpage newsfeed and social media.
  6. You are offered to host international events with all the experience and visibility it gives, with guidance and support provided.
  7. You have opportunities to raise rural youth issues at a European level via Rural Youth Europe’s membership of the European Youth Forum.
  8. You can nominate representatives for positions of trust on the Rural Youth Europe board, European Youth Forum trainers’ pool and work groups, European Commission advisory board and Council of Europe trainers pool.
  9. You get an opportunity to network with other European organisations, like IFYE, MIJARC, CEJA, ECYC and Y-E-N.
  10. You are part of a European rural community with all the fun it brings!

Our vision and mission

Our Vision for rural youth

Young people in rural communities should feel part of a larger European community where human rights and equality are respected regardless of opinion, background and beliefs.

Our Vision for our organisation

Rural Youth Europe is known among European institutions as an educational organisation and its learning outcomes are widely recognised.

Our Mission

Rural Youth Europe works to enhance the lives of rural young people through providing intercultural learning opportunities which encourage advocacy and respect for others, and:

  • Bring together and develop a network of European rural youth in order to enable the sharing and promotion of best practice in an interactive, inclusive and collaborative community. We encourage a safe and supportive environment where young leaders can be empowered and reach their full potential.
  • Provide the tools, skills and knowledge for rural youth to develop and be motivated to pursue their ambitions.
  • Provide a voice for rural youth to be heard by European institutions and decision makers on key topics

Find our statutes here. The English version is a translation and thus not official. If you want to access the official statutes in German, please contact

Statutes in English

Membership guidelines

Member organisations can be:
  • Young farmers‘ organisations, originally mainly active in the field of agriculture, but nowadays also very much involved in issues concerning youth in rural areas ingeneral;
  • Rural youth organisations, dealing with questions regarding both young farmers and other young people living in the countryside;
  • 4H organisations (Head, Heart, Hands and Health), offering activities in the field of agriculture, home economics, crafts, entrepreneurship, nature and leisure for children and youth; or
  • other types of organisations for rural youth.
Rural Youth Europe welcomes new member organisations that:
  • are independent, democratic and non-political at national level;
  • organise and support rural youth and children’s activities;
  • support equality and justice for all, especially in attention to equality between women and men and to disadvantaged groups; and
  • respect a co-operative approach to work and the environment which is both aesthetically and ecologically sound
Find membership guidelines here