Rural Youth Project competition 2018

Call for Entries

Rural Youth project is a project where young people have worked together towards a common goal on a voluntary basis. This competition can gain your project visibility on a European level!

How to submit your project (through your own organisation)?
  1. Fill in the application form
  2. Create a video or an automated presentation no longer than 3 minutes
  3. Submit the form and presentation to your own organisation
  4. RYEurope member organisations send the submissions to by February 28th 2019

Each member organisation of Rural Youth Europe can hand in a maximum of 3 projects. All submitted materials should be in English. If the file is too big to submit via email, please share a Dropbox link.

Tips for presentation / video
  • The presentation should run on its own after starting.
  • You can use PowerPoint, Prezi, Windows Movie Maker etc.
  • Remember KISSS, "Keep it short, simple and sweet"!
  • Use photos, show involvement and how the project was done.
  • Using music or a speaker in the background is allowed.
  • Be creative!
Selection process

Stage 1: RYEurope Board will do a judging to choose the three best projects for voting.


Stage 2:After the board selections, a public voting will take place on RYEurope Facebook 13-31st March 2019. You havea chance to collect more points for your project through the voting. The project with the most points wins the RuralYouth Project competition. The winning project will be announced at the beginning of April 2019.


The winner of the Rural Youth Project of Year will be awarded with two places to the European Rally. In addition, their travel expenses are refunded up to 250 euros.


NB! Please note that by submitting the video/automated presentation you also agree to it being published on the website of Rural Youth Europe and social media sites Rural Youth Europe uses.

The Youth Project of the Year 2018 will be judged using the following criteria
  • How well the aim of your project is in line with the overall purpose of your organisation and what are

the benefits to your organisation, members and local community.

  • Level of innovation and creativity in all project phases such as general idea and implementation,

communication and advertising throughout the project.

  • Level of involvement and volunteering of young people in the planning and implementation of the



For more information on the competition please contact RYEurope office by writing to

Winners of 2017 Rural Youth Project of the Year


Vardavar International Festival 2017

Since the festival gathered young participants from all Armenian regions by giving them the opportunity to take part in the project and interact with tourists which is very essential for rural youth to raise an intercultural competence. Also, there was an exhibition of handmade arts and crafts of children from several Armenian regions. It is important to mention that the owners of the local markets were mainly young people from rural areas and the festival fostered the development of their initiatives.

The main purpose of the festival was to broaden the scope of “Vardavar” holiday, rituals, Armenian national songs and dances, and present to the whole world. In addition, promoting the prosperity of the tourism industry, ensuring sustainable growth of Armenia, protection of national values ​​among youth, social inclusion of rural youth, promotion of intangible cultural heritage make the base of the festival.

Since protection of cultural heritage, regional integration and social entrepreneurship are some of the main activity areas of our organization, we decided to develop such project, which will make significant and intangible impacts on different spheres for the Armenian community.

The project involved diverse groups: participants (youngsters from urban and rural areas), tourists, folk dance and song groups, actors for the performances, technical support group, coordination group, various NGO representatives, journalists and local people.

The project had very positive impact both on tourists and the community. People got to know about one of the ancient holidays of Armenian culture and were immediately exposed to its celebration process. The festival promoted tourism and social entrepreneurship industry at the mentioned places, since local people were selling their homemade products nearby. So, by being broadcasted through various media, the festival attracted many more people to visit Garni and Geghard which impacted on the development of local social entrepreneurship initiatives.