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Rural Youth Europe (RYEurope) is an European Non-Governmental Organisation for rural youth. Established in 1957, it functions as an umbrella for youth organisations working to promote and activate young people in the countryside. It provides international training possibilities and works as an intermediary between national organisations, youth organisations and public institutions on an European level. Rural Youth Europe is a member-led organisation: democratically constituted and led by young people for young people.

Why Rural Youth Europe?

The objectives of Rural Youth Europe are to

  • Educate and train young people and create an awareness of rural and social issues
  • Actively encourage rural populations and industry
  • Support the development of new rural youth organizations
  • Network with other European NGOs
  • Lobby and highlight the problems and needs of rural youth to focus the attention of international and national bodies, as well as the general public

Furthermore, Rural Youth Europe promotes

  • activities of rural youth organizations
  • youth participation
  • exchange of best practice
  • intercultural dialogue
  • sustainable regional youth work
  • participation in the formation of (rural) youth policies
  • European citizenship
  • networking between rural youth organizations
  • intercultural learning through participative youth work
  • setting up projects to involve young people