New Project: “Sound of Mobility”

We are excited to announce that we are partners on a brand new project entitled “Sound of Mobility”.

In April, our Secretary General Spyros attended the first Transnational Project Meeting, where we got to know the other project partners, discussed the consortiums tasks and made plans for the months ahead. We are excited to be joined on this project by fellow project partners ESN France, ESN Spain, Jets d’encre and Europsky Dialog.

What are the aims and objectives of the project?

This project aims to make mobility more accessible to young people and raise awareness of the different stages of the mobility pathway, from how to prepare, to how to value your mobility. There will be a particular focus on targeting young people who have fewer opportunities.

This will primarily be done through a series of podcasts focused on international mobility, which will be co-created by youth workers and young people. The aim is to empower and teach young people to utilise digital tools, in order to build a community and create a safe space where everyone’s voices are heard.

What activities will be implemented?

As well as the creation, recording and editing of 12 podcast episodes, there will also be a media training and hands on session to train youth workers on the creation of podcasts, as well as  technical guides so that young people have the means to share their own mobility experiences. The project will help youth workers gain competences in the field of media literacy and podcast production, to ultimately train young people on a local level.

Why are Rural Youth Europe (RYE) project partners?

RYE have been working on providing mobility opportunities for rural youth for many decades now. In that sense, international mobility is not just a topic for us to work on; it lies at the very core of our organisation. We promote international mobility for young people and fight for the rights and participation opportunities for rural youth around Europe and beyond.

We will be bringing our expertise on international mobility, alongside our experience in producing podcasts. We’re excited now that the project is underway and look forward to making sure that young people’s experiences of mobility are being heard! Watch this space.