Rural Voices – The Rural Youth Europe Podcast S01E03: Non-Formal Learning

Rural Voices is back for the third episode to learn all about non-formal education and reflect on Rural Youth Europe's webinar "Ready, Scroll, Learn!". We share the highlights from the webinar delivered by Frederik Kaae Kirk and collaborated by Andreea Maris of the Swedish National Agency of Youth and Civil Society, as well as hear the learning outcomes and personal reflections from two of the webinar attendees - Emma Ilmonen and Barbara Sterkl. Check out the Non-Formal Learning webinar on our Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjce3v15ogs
Duration: 00:35:40 Size: 51.37 MB

Rural Voices – The Rural Youth Europe Podcast S01E02: Safe Spaces

In this episode we hear how rural youth organisations have created safe spaces for their members to participate during Covid lockdowns. Appearing in this episode are: Rachel Goldie - NFYFC, Eirik Førde- Norway 4H, Zane Šteinberga and Patrīcija Prindule - Latvian 4-H. We also hear Moninne Griffith from BelongTo, a LGBT+ organisation from Ireland, speak about what safe spaces are and how we can create them for young people in rural areas. To find out more about their work please visit: https://www.belongto.org
Duration: 00:31:18 Size: 45.09 MB

Rural Voices – The Rural Youth Europe Podcast S01E01: Shrinking Civil Spaces

In the first ever Rural Voices podcast we learn all about Shrinking Civil Spaces in collaboration with the European Confederation of Youth Clubs at the study session hosted by the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, France.  We hear experts Rares Craiu Secretary General European Confederation of Youth Clubs, Anna Rurka President of the Conference of INGOs, Leonie Martin Member Council of Europe Advisory Council on Youth and we also hear young people sharing their personal experiences of shrinking civil spaces.
Duration: 00:53:19 Size: 76.79 MB