Rural Youth Europe Rally, England 2019 – what a week!

The following article is written by Abby Forsyth who represented the Scottish Association of Young Farmer’s Clubs at our Rally in Cirencester.

Before I left for Cirencester on Sunday 18thAugust, I was very apprehensive with regards to what the trip involved and to what Rural Youth Europe was. Fellow members who had attended the rally in previous years, tried to explain to me the layout and atmosphere, and generally just what to expect. They all said it was an experience of a lifetime but never did I think I would come home and want to do it all again. 

The theme of the week was ‘Sharing and Caring in a Democratic and Inclusive European Community’, and the main aspect of this was mental health. This is a topic which I am really interested in, and the fact we participated in daily workshops and learned about other countries and their thoughts and feelings towards the topic was really insightful. The topic was really intense and a lot to take in, but everyone was so supportive of each other which made it a lot easier. We also got to visit several different farms, and this allowed us to see how different farmers perform a work-life balance. Some managed better than others, but they were all aware that their wellbeing had major importance to their life.

The highlights of my trip was meeting so many new friends, especially within the five nations. We all became so close and will definitely keep in touch. Also, learning different dances from other countries was so much fun. This allowed us to learn more about the different cultures we each endeavour in.




Overall, even though I wasn’t sure what to expect when I left for Cirencester, I came home having had one of the best weeks ever. I will remember it forever.