We Played our Part!

The joint Study Session with RYEurope and ECYC is over and all participants are back home putting their action plans to good use. Angela Evans from Wales has written the following recap of what happened during the week in Budapest.

Representatives from 13 different countries across Europe all travelled to Budapest, Hungary for the RYE Study Session from the 17th– 22ndSeptember. Here’s a flavour of what we got up to during the week:


Day 1 – on the first day we took part in a variety of ice breaker games to introduce ourselves to each other and get to know
everybody better. We also had an introduction to the topic of Youth Participation and set out what the aims and objectives of the week would be. An international evening was held later where we had the chance to sample food from all of the different countries, which was a lot of fun.


Day 2 – on the second day we learnt more about the different youth organisations through sharing our study visits with the rest of the group, and the definitions, different levels and forms of youth participation available. In the evening a quiz night was held which was lots of fun and got everybody involved.


Day 3 – on Wednesday we learnt about the barriers of youth participation and created a timeline of our own history of youth participation, where we learnt that once you get involved with youth participation you don’t stop! Later we had a free afternoon in to explore Budapest and made the most of the time to discover the city.


Day 4 – one of the most fun days focused on Forum Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed, where we learnt different methods and scenario workings for bringing topics to life through performances and activities with Laure De Witte,  an external speaker from Portugal.

Day 5 & 6 – on Friday we had the opportunity to work in teams to put what we had learnt to practice and set an action plan for our Youth Participation campaigns. On the final day we presented our action plans to the rest of the group and evaluated our week at the session. The session ended with a fun farewell party organised by the participants.

I think it’s safe to say that a fantastic week was had by all, from meeting all of the participants and organisers to learning more about Youth Participation. Thank you RYEurope for a fantastic week!


Angela xo