Jule presents herself

Hi! My name is Jule (Julia Müller) I am 25 years old and come from Waiblingen – southern Germany.
What Landjugend experience do you have? Since I was 16 years old I have been a member of my local rural youth club. I had a typical rural youth life; first member, then chairperson of the local club, organising events. From 2014 – 2016 I was vice-chairperson of Rural Youth Germany (Bund der Deutschen Landjugend – BDL) there I also was responsible for international youth policy, exchanges etc…
What is your best RYEurope memory? The prep team meeting for th
e Autumn Seminar in Norway. One week after being elected to the Board of Rural Youth Europe! One weekend with amazing, open minded people, who want to make life in rural areas a little bit better! Looking forward to the seminar!

Why do you want to be in the RYEurope board? I want to give Rural Youth in Europe a stronger voice and represent the interests of Group 2 in the board.
A hidden talent of yours? I can see the solution before others are aware of the problem 😉
A favourite quote? Everyone said: "It won’t work", then one came, who didn’t know that, and did it. – German wisdom
Anything else you want to say to the readers? One person alone can’t change the world, but if many people in different places do small (or big) things, you can change the world. Just stay involved and change those things you are able to!Then more is possible, than you ever thought it would be!