Think love move do!

The Autumn seminar ‘think love move do’, hosted by Norwegian 4H was my very first Rural Youth Europe seminar to attend and I was a little nervous, as I didn’t know what to expect. My adventure began from Dublin flying to Oslo, then taking the express train to Drammen where we were met by the prep team and other members of the trip. Everyone was very welcoming and excited to get going, we all just clicked.
We took a bus through the Norwegian countryside to our venue which was located beside a beautiful lake, where we later canoed around and a few of us brave souls took a leap of faith into its icy waters. Each day we began with ‘rise and shine’ activity, energisers to wake us all up and get us going for our jam packed day ahead. Each day was set out with various activities in many of which we were just simply getting to know each other and our organisations, from games to presentations.

Most of the sessions were very in depth but with a light hearted twist so that we opened up to the task and fully shared our views without feeling judged. The topics varied and so did our opinions however we all found a common ground on which we agreed. Our group tasks were quite varied, all involving each person to share their ideas and give input for the task to succeed; planning events, letters to society, trust exercise and Oslo trip group adventure. I learnt quite a lot from these tasks from the little things to the large on how to improve and adapt new ideas in my own Macra club and county.
‘The little things mean a lot’ and what I mean by that is to consider those with physical and mental disabilities; to include and welcome who would find themselves socially excluded from many social groups and events. Overall the Autumn seminar was a fantastic experience and I hope to attend many more as I find myself wanting to get involved and learn more. A huge thank you to all of the prep team and to all who attended the seminar, where memories were made and life long friendships formed.
Lisa Walsh
Macra na Feirme