Our Interim Secretary General says hello

The Interim Secretary General of Rural Youth Europe is right now one of the facilitators at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg in the event ‘Unveiling Rural Realities – Unlocking Youth Potential". Jenni has got a kickstart into her new job, and here she presents herself a bit more: 
This autumn brings a breeze of something new and exciting for me. After working for the Finnish 4H organisation for five years it´s time for new challenges and starting this autumn I will be the Interim Secretary General for Rural Youth Europe for the duration of Pia Nurmio-Perälä’s maternity leave.
I have studied both forestry and arts management and currently I’m doing a master’s in youth and NGO work. I have previously worked as a festival organiser in Scotland, an English teacher in China and as an arts producer in Finland.  Much to my own surprise I ended up working for the Finnish 4H organisation and I have thoroughly enjoyed working for 4H. I have improved my training skills and learned lots about youth work and event organising.
I live in a small city by a lake in Southern Finland.  Back when I was younger I was a keen 4H’er learning crafts and taking care of animals. We were trying to grow vegetables which turned out to be a challenge -the onions hadn’t grown at all in the muddy soil over a wet and cold summer! Nowadays I practice slightly more successful small scale gardening growing tomatoes, herbs and beans. Rural life and youth work have become familiar to me through 4H. Also, I have attended international volunteer workcamps which have familiarised me with rural communities in Europe.
I would describe myself as a dedicated, creative and adventurous person; I love to grab my backpack and camera and venture out to travel on my own to meet people. I don’t mind getting a bit lost – that’s when you get the best experiences!
This autumn we have interesting seminars coming up in Strasbourg and Slovenia addressing the topic of youth employment. Especially in these times it is important to learn skills and gain confidence needed in working life and job searching. I’m sure these seminars will be unforgettable and valuable experiences for the participants.
I wish you all an inspirational autumn!