5 reasons why you should visit RYEurope seminars

Greetings to rural youth again!
I’m not sure how many of you really use all those opportunities offered by RYEurope, but a few years ago I attended two RYE seminars (in Malvern and Strasbourg) as a Latvian Young Farmers` Club member and in my opinion everybody should be there at least once.  It´s always an adventure and if you are still seeking for reasons why you should do it, here are 5 of them:
1. Get out of your comfort zone.
I’m sure we all know those “if you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten” quotes. And it explains the situation already. To achieve more, you should do more. If your daily route looks like “home-school-home” there is no chance to experience new things in life; no chance to become better self. Be active, get out of your comfort zone, and meet new, inspiring people!  RYEurope seminars are a good start for it – living for one week in the campus with at least 24 strangers from all over Europe. Can you imagine how many awkward situations can possibly be there?! But it is so worth it! It makes you grow every single minute! And that leads us to the second reason:
2. Opportunity to improve your English skills
If people from different countries meet in one room, there should be one language in which they can share things. Usually it is English (sometimes adding pantomime to it though). You might feel shy at the very beginning, but later on you realize what an opportunity it is. Believe me – in one week you can learn way more than in your English classes in school! After this week I even found myself thinking in English. And that is awesome. And very useful.
3. Inspiration!
I went to such seminar in Malvern, England – we visited a few local entrepreneurs and one of them was Christine Hope. After her trip to Australia, she came back home and opened a shop in the village, which makes easier living for locals. At that time I didn´t connect this story with my life and business ideas because I was totally on a different wave. But this year I and my family were done of seeing some empty building in the center of our village so – this year in June we opened a shop. At the moment we are giving a workplace for 5 locals and villagers can buy all necessary food without driving 15km to the city. This idea came to me just because I saw Christine´s experience. Ideas inspire, people inspire and at the end you are going home with that powerful “everything is possible” feeling.
4. Learn to think outside the box
A friend of mine once said: “just because you don´t understand something, doesn´t mean it is bad,” and that is an important lesson to learn. In such seminars you can meet all kinds of people. And all of them are kind and smart – you can learn something from each and every one of them. When your working group is coming together, brainstorming some new ideas – you hear so many different opinions and experiences. At the end you realise, that even when we come from different countries, we are still the same, because all of us deserve respect, love and kindness. And it opens your mind in different level. It is just so worth it. Go and see it by yourself!
5. Friends and even business partners!!
And of course – last but not least – all those friends you get, living and working with them for a week abroad! They are all so positive and kind! You are sharing ideas and making plans together. At the end you find yourself planning some trips together etc… 
It is not just one week of lessons. It is a life-changing experience! Don´t be afraid so go and get it. It is soooo worth it! I’m sure people from RYEurope will keep you updated about next seminars – write an application and enjoy it to the fullest!
Take care of the rural areas!
Best wishes,
Young farmer in Latvia