Greetings from Linda!

Last week, when I found in my mail box postcard from all European Rally 2015 participants, it made me feel incredibly happy. That, of course, reminded me how much I miss all the fun that you can experience only in events like that.
Every time I go to RYEurope event, I know that I will…
…meet young people with similar way of thinking that I have and we will have so many things to share…get remarkable experience that I won’t  be able to get anywhere else…gain skills and knowledge that I will be able to use in my work and daily life…be a part of a bigger group that is united by same values
I could go on with all the benefits I gain from each and every event, as each and every of you could do, regardless of if it has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience or an adventure that you are open to taste again and again.
Having been engaged in European youth field for so long, and meeting so many different people, has made me realise how strong youth can be and at the same time how all the small things, that we usually don’t appreciate can make a difference.
So what I wanted to say is THANK YOU! You are brilliant for the things you do!