European Rally… thoughts of a welsh girl

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be in the breath taking country of Austria for the European rally 2015. Today, I am back in my beloved home country of Wales. In between loads of washing and checking out social media ( catching up with rally news of course), I sit here with a big smile across my face, reflecting on the week gone by. A week so great, so unique that I struggle to find the right words to describe my thoughts and feelings.
Several months ago when I applied to go to the European rally through Wales YFC, I knew I was lucky to have been selected as a participant. It is only now at this moment of thought that I realise truly how fortunate I have been.
For anyone who has not been to a rally, the only way I can begin to describe it according to my own experience is seven days, 14 countries, 90 participants, workshops, excursions but most importantly a life time of memories, a wealth of experience and a long list of new friends.
Meeting so many talented participants from all over Europe and learning about their respective organisations, cultures, countries and rural issues has  given me a hunger to learn more, see more, live more; be more.  
I can not thank WalesYFC and Rural Youth Europe enough for this amazing opportunity. I will forever treasure the memories, laugh at the photos and speak of this adventure. A big thank you to the prep-team and board members for making the rally in Austria so incredibly brilliant. For me, the rally would not have been the experience it was without the fantastic team Wales. Thanks for all the good times! #grendade