My year in the RYEurope board

Finally it’s summer in Latvia. I am sitting in my garden in the countryside watching how beautiful nature is in summer. It is such a good feeling!
Incredible, a year in the  Rural Youth Europe Board has passed unnoticed. A year ago I went to the European Rally 2014 in Wales, UK and didn’t know that after few days I would be elected for the RYEurope Board.
I had a chance to be in RYEurope board only for one year but I feel like it has been much more than a year. Now I’m a bit sad that it’s ending. But at the same time I know that it’s time to go further.
It is an intensive and responsible work where you always need to be ready to react and do things that you haven’t done before. For me this year was one the best experiences in my life  and there are several benefits that I have received during this year.
First of all, it was a great opportunity to go and travel all around Europe and have a chance to explore it. During this year I met a lot of people from different rural areas and at the end I realised that together we can do big things.
The second thing is, being in the RYEurope board gave me the feeling that I am a part of something multicultural and unifying. There are always new ideas and solutions how to develop the organisation. All the events that we made – I learned a lot and I’ll try to transfer these ideas to my home organisation – Latvian 4H.
Thirdly, it was invaluable experience to work hand in hand with people from all Europe. People that I met in Board – I never thought that only one year can make people from different countries and cultures such good friends! From the first day we worked like one team. Thank you guys – Pia, Mikko, Sebastian, Russ, Linda and Lukas!
And finally… It has been a wonderful year and now I am ready to go further and search new challenges!
Greetings from sunny Latvia,