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Autumn Seminar 2023: Healthy Youth Workers – Healthy Youth

28/10/2023 - 04/11/2023

We are delighted to invite young people from all Rural Youth Europe Member Organisations to the Autumn Seminar 2023 to enjoy learning from the seminar and explore the beauty of Georgia!

The Autumn Seminar 2023 will take place in Bakuriani, Georgia, between Saturday 28th of October 2023 (arrival day) and Saturday 4th of November 2023 (departure day). It will be hosted by the youth organisation Umbrella, a Georgian youth organisation, aiming to promote an inclusive and progressive society by setting-up youth development spaces (centers) to attract, mobilise young people and implement youth-led community development and educational initiatives that enhance young people’s competencies in the field of Environment, Human Rights and Democracy.


The Autumn Seminar 2023 aims to promote health as a human right/social right and mainstream it into the youth work of rural youth organisations.

To reach this aim, we set the following objectives: 

  • To empower local youth workers/youth leaders with necessary competencies including healthy habits (food nutrition literacy, sleep and active time, mental health peculiarities and etc.) via non-formal educational activities;
  • To discover challenges and opportunities rural youth face regarding health issues;
  • To create educational resources/outcomes for the further dissemination campaign – posters, workshop/s tutorials, booklet with the main outputs of the training/project;
  • To advocate for a healthy lifestyle among the rural youth of participating countries/organisations.


Why you should attend?

✓ You will meet many young people from all over Europe.

✓ You will get a deeper understanding of health as a human and social right and on healthy habits specifically.

✓ You will gain new competences for your future life and personal development.

✓ You will have a great time with us!

Sessions are based on non-formal education and will provide opportunities for participants to develop their skills and knowledge and attitudes, as well as to share their experiences.


Participant Profile

✓ Be aged 18 – 30 years.

Coming from a Rural Youth Europe member organisation.

✓ Be willing to work on the topic of health as a human and social right.

✓ Be able to communicate and work in English.



Please register here.

The deadline for the registration is Monday 3rd of July 2023.

All registered participants will receive a participant’s information package with more details about the week, links and contacts shortly after the deadline.


Accommodation + What to bring?

The autumn seminar will take place in the Grand Noel Hotel in the famous Georgian ski resort town Bakuriani; You will be accommodated in double, triple or Quatro rooms – here is the video from the venue. You will have 3 meals + coffee breaks a day. 

The hotel will provide the following: 

  • Towels
  • Bed sheets
  • Iron (Upon request)
  • Laundry (with a little fee)
  • Soap, Shampoo (but it is recommended to take yours)
  • Hairdryer

 Please, make sure you will bring

  • warm clothes and relevant shoes (Bakuriani is a ski resort)
  • a mug or water bottle – to use as less plastic as possible
  • Laptops or tablets – only if you prefer to bring one. 



Transport/Travel information

Each organisation is responsible for booking tickets for their Autumn Seminar participants. Before purchasing the tickets, please contact Rural Youth Europe to check your travel plans. All travel invoices and schedules must be sent to the office e-mail address office@ruralyoutheurope.com by 30th September 2023.

Please consider environment friendly options when arranging your travel. 

For teams travelling to Georgia by plane, we advise flights to Tbilisi or Kutaisi airport. 

For the reimbursement, you need to keep all of the original tickets, receipts, boarding passes and invoices. 

Rural Youth Europe will reimburse at least 300 euros of the travel costs, with the possibility of an even higher reimbursement (depending on the final number of participants and the distribution of funds).

Only the economy class travel options will be reimbursed.  


How to reach the venue and how to get a SIM card? 


From Tbilisi Airport to Bakuriani:

Step 1 – Exchange at the arrival terminal (find the best option out of many exchange offices). Make sure you got coins 1 lari for the bus. To reach Bakuriani you need around 19 GEL for mobile internet and sim.

Step 2 – Purchase SIM card – Magticom – here is the website 

Option 1 – at the airport, you will find the Magti desk but that one is expensive and is oriented toward tourists, so the other option is to get it at the Magti offices, the price is 30 GEL at the airport, all amount will be deposited to your sim account, ask the seller to activate the internet. 

Option 2 – you go to any Magti office in the city and buy the sim card or e-sim at the office and pay at least two times less. You can purchase unlimited internet for 7 days price is 9 GEL. The nearest office is: 5-7 Navtlugi St., Isani District

Option 3 – you are coming directly to the Didube metro, the meeting point and on day 1 of the project you will go to the Magti office in Bakuriani and purchase the sim card there.

Step 3 – Bus (#37) – The bus moves once per 20-30 minutes, it starts at 7:00 and works till 23:00. There is only one bus line with bus number 37 from Airport to the Station Square. 

Step 4 – Metro – Metro opens at 6:00 AM and works till midnight at 12:00 PM.  Once you are on the bus you can come out at the last stop, Station Square metro, the journey may take up to 1 hour, and it will be your free Tbilisi bus tour. At Station Square, you have to go into the metro and choose the main line and move to the Didube metro (red line). See the metro lines scheme below. The price for the metro is 1 Lari but first, you have to buy the card (2 Lari) and charge it with the needed amount, for a group you can buy one card for all and no need to waste more money on it.

Step 5 – Minibus to Bakuriani – The organisers will ensure the minibus for participants which will be waiting on the Saturday 28th of October  (We will inform you about the exact time and the station soon). 


By Taxi

In case you want to cut the time and pay a bit more you can download the BOLT application and at the airport call for a taxi via app to the Station Square, or just compare the price of the app and ask outside the airport for the same or less price to take you to the Station Square. Taxi costs around 25-30 gel, so if you take it as a group you will have to pay 2-3 euros for each person.

Note: Taxi costs can not be reimbursed by the project!


From Kutaisi

The transfer from Kutaisi to the venue will be communicated later, before the arrival day. 


Contact Details


Local Prep Team:

Nikoloz Jabakhidze

+995 579286719



RYEurope Chair:

Niall Evans

+44 77 474 06539




RYEurope Office:

Rural Youth Europe

Karjalankatu 2A

00520 Helsinki, Finland



Behaviour Guidelines

General Rules are:

➢ Participants must attend the whole duration of Autumn Seminar and be on time for workshops

➢ Smoking is allowed only in specially marked areas

➢ Participants shall be inclusive and participate in the program. General communication language should be English so that everyone can understand everything

Please read and understand the attached Behaviour Guidelines made by Rural Youth Europe Member Organisations at the General Assembly.



Participants are required to have insurance that covers travel (including luggage), third party liability, health, accidents. All participants should also bring a European Health Insurance Card. 


If you have any further questions please contact Rural Youth Europe at office@ruralyoutheurope.com. 

Umbrella and Rural Youth Europe look forward to welcoming you to the 2023 Autumn Seminar.







Grand Noel Hotel
33 Tsereteli St
Bakuriani, Georgia
+ Google Map