Meet our new board representative for Eastern Europe: Ketrin Kastehein!

During our General Assembly this summer, we elected four new members to our board. Today we’d like to introduce you to our new representative for Group 4 (Eastern Europe) Ketrin Kastehein from Estonian 4H. Find out more about her below:

Introduce yourself! 👋

I joined Estonian 4H in 2008. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to organise events at a local and regional level. I’ve helped Estonian 4H events and projects as a volunteer.

What are the main skills that you’ve gained from being a part of your home rural youth organisation?

Without 4H I wouldn’t be the person I am today. In middle school it helped me to gain confidence. 4H was a place where I could be myself. It was my safe space. The opportunity to be a part of the projects or even the leadership of the projects has given me the experience in the youth field. I am a youth worker in school now.

Secondly, 4H has widened my network. My best friends are the 4Hers I grew up with. The youth workers I’m collaborating with now are the leaders or former 4Hers. Thirdly, I spent a summer in U.S.A. as an IFYE. This helped me with my English and expanded how I saw the people and the world.

Why did you want to be the Group 4 representative for Rural Youth Europe?

My connection with Estonian 4H has been fading, since Estonian 4H is more focused on school youth. This is a great opportunity to be part of 4H and the rural community, but this time internationally.

What would you like to achieve during your time as Group 4 representative?

When I was given the opportunity to be the representative of the Group 4, my main idea was to use my knowledge and experience in youth field to help RYEurope grow. I also see this as an opportunity to help with the communication within the board.

What would you bring to an international buffet?

Whenever I have a chance to present Estonian food, I choose Estonian candy and chocolate. Once you try Estonian candy, you can’t live without it.