Meet our new board representative for the Nordic Countries: Doglas Jonsson

During our General Assembly this summer, we elected four new members to our board. Today we’d like to introduce you to our new representative for Group 3 (Nordic Countries) Doglas Jonsson from Swedish 4H. Find out more about him below:

Introduce yourself! 👋

I’m a member of the Swedish 4H. I started working at my county’s regional summer camps when I was around 14 and was then a board member of our county board for several years from the age of 15. I have been in the prep team for many of our national events and in 2015 I was elected as a board member for the Swedish 4H national board. I was on the board for five years, with one year as Vice Chair.

What are the main skills that you’ve gained from being a part of your home rural youth organisation?

4H has taught me loads. Among everything I cherish the social skills and the experience of working with people and leading a group a lot. 4H is one of the main reasons I today work as a teacher and I got my first teaching jobs thanks to the experiences I had from working and volunteering within 4H.

Why did you want to be the Group 3 representative for Rural Youth Europe?

The answer is simple. I want to give back as much as I can of what I have been given in terms of experience, knowledge, memories and friendship throughout my many Rural Youth Europe events and make sure that as many people as possible get a chance to experience the same.

What is your favourite Rural Youth Europe memory?

If I had to choose one (which is really hard!), it would be the Autumn Seminar in Austria 2017. The event, the venue, the weather, the people! It was overall an incredible week where I met people I am lucky to still consider very good friends of mine.

What would you like to achieve during your time as Group 3 representative?

Since the representation from the Nordic countries has decreased a bit at the last couple of events, I hope to encourage and inspire the member organisations within group 3 to work towards having participants at all our events next year!

What would you bring to an international buffet?

To an international buffet I’d bring Kroppkakor (that’s something for you all to Google!)