The Slovenian Farming Games 2023

On the weekend of the 30th June to 2nd July, we were provided the opportunity to travel to Slovenia and take part in the farming games hosted by ZSPM!

The weekend had everything in terms of transport. Delayed and cancelled flights, missed busses and trains across the continent to name just a few of the issues faced over the weekend. Everything that could have had gone wrong did go wrong… but we didn’t allow it to dampen our spirits or stop us from getting involved in the games.

We were lucky to be joined by ZSPM members to form two international teams to give it a go and see how we got on. It was really interesting to see the traditional farming methods being promoted along with teamwork, problem solving and communication.

The first two tasks were individual tasks consisting of cutting grass with a scythe and then collecting the freshly cut grass. The next three were team tasks where we had to each take on a role to complete them. The evening consisted of dancing and getting to know members which is always a highlight of these events.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to take part in national events across the network and this was very different in comparison to meetings. If anyone does have an event that they would like us to attend, then please let us know and we will do our best to attend.


Niall Evans

Rural Youth Europe Vice Chairman