Rural pride event inspired by Rural Youth Europe Autumn Seminar

It may be the last official day of pride month 2023, however the celebrations are only just beginning in Llandeilo in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

Steffan Arwel Evans is a Teacher in a high school in Builth Wells. He is a past member of Wales Young Farmers and last November travelled to Ireland for the Rural Youth Europe Autumn Seminar. The topic of the Seminar was breaking down barriers and discussed how we can become an LGBTQ+ inclusive society, especially in rural communities.

Inspired by our Autumn Seminar last year, Steffan is organising a pride event for his local community. Here is what he has to say:

What does pride mean to you?

Pride is a vital part of my life as it is an opportunity to feel like I belong to a community, especially in a rural setting.

What are you doing to celebrate pride 2023?

In 8 days I will be arranging the first ever pride event in Llandeilo (Carmarthenshire – Wales) and we are incredibly excited about this. It’s the first ever event of the sort in our community and we have over 200 people parading in the event.

Why is it important that we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community in rural areas through pride events?

I think it’s important to be visible in our rural communities as it supports those in need of it. Some people in rural communities may feel totally isolated and this is our way of bringing the support to them. It also gives us the opportunity to normalise this taboo subject in rural Wales.

How did last year’s Autumn Seminar contribute to your efforts in organising your local pride?

I feel that the Autumn Seminar with Rural Youth Europe absolutely gave me the confidence to push the boundaries and go for it in organising this event. I feel the confidence of this week-long seminar gave me the tools to make this happen.

We are sending all our best wishes and support to Steffan for an incredible event! We’re all behind you.