Meet our new Vice Chairman: Nicolai Olsen!

During our Extra General Assembly held earlier this month, we elected a new Vice Chairman. Here is some more information about our new member of the board, Nicolai Olsen!

What member organisation are you part of?

I have been a part of the Danish 4H since I was 6 years old. It started with my mom being a board member for my local 4H club and then I just started joining the activities. When I got older I joined the youth board of 4H Denmark and started to make activities for all the youth members in our organization. When I was around 18 years old I joined the Board of the Danish 4H and then I got to be the one facilitating the youth board. I really love it and I wanted to do more for them in 4H and also on a higher level. I joined the board of Rural Youth Europe.

Some fun facts about my time in the Danish 4H. With an amazing team we planned a Nordic 4H Camp for 1000 participants. That was crazy and one of the best things I have done in my life so far. Before that I have been a leader for the Danish participants going to the Nordic 4H Camp.

What are the main skills that you have gained from being a part of your member organisation? 

The way that I engage with people is one of the biggest things that I learn from 4H. In 4H all around the world you talk about the 4 H. It stands for heart, head, hand and health. To translate it for people without knowing what it means, it is to have a warm heart, a smart head, use your hands and be aware of your health physically and mentally. That is some of the things I bring into my daily life.

Why did you want to be Vice Chairman of Rural Youth Europe? 

At the moment I see a need for youth and especially rural youth to take part in something bigger than themselves. And we need to do it now! We are the future and I feel the need to help the next generation for young people to be ready for all the challenges they are facing. Hopefully I will leave my spot as a young member for society better for the next to take over.

I do love Rural Youth Europe and have many feelings involved, and also I wanted to give back to the organization. It has given me many skills, friends, experience, knowledge and many more things that I really want all the members to have! Some of my best friends are people I met at events with Rural Youth Europe.

What is your favourite Rural Youth Europe memory? 

I do have some many good memories from Rural Youth Europe events, board meetings and member visits that I could talk about for hours! One thing that I wanna highlight is the campaign “Embrace2Erase” we did at the autumn seminar in 2017 in Austria. So many people engaged in the campaign.

I also just recently went to an autumn seminar in Ireland and just seeing again young people want to do something different in their organizations makes me even want to do more for the youth!