Happy Global 4-H Day!

Global 4-H Day has been set up to celebrate the global 4-H Community and promote the incredible work it does in advancing the field of youth development. We asked two of our board members, Patrīcija Prindule from Latvian 4-H, and Iiristiina Heinonen from 4-H Finland, what 4-H menas to them:

Patrīcija Prindule

It comes the time when I ask myself – what does 4-H mean to me? Is it just volunteering or it means something more? If you haven’t asked that to yourself, today is the day… it’s the Global 4-H day!

Let’s celebrate it together. We all are here to make an impact for others and, of course, for ourselves too. Let’s celebrate that!

I am proud of being a member of Latvian 4-H for more than 10 years. I want to remind you of a green four-leaf clover with the letter “H” on each leaf.

The head – to be sacrificed for clear thoughts;

The heart –  to care for others, accept citizenship responsibilities and develop positive attitudes;

The hands – to be useful, helpful, and skillful;

The health – to practice healthful living, enjoy life, and use leisure time productively.

Everyone around the globe representing 4-H, I want to thank you for making the world a better place.Today is the day, to be proud of what we are. Today is the day, where you can write a thank you letter for your 4-H friend or colleague. Today is celebration day!

We are strong alone, but we are even stronger together! We are here: “To make the best better.” Happy Global 4-H day!

Iiristiina Heinonen

I’ve been a member of 4H for over ten years. During this time I’ve been a part of the organisation, I have made friends from all over the world, I have had a chance to learn a lot and experience things which I couldn’t without the support from 4H. I have also found my career path from 4H: I am studying education sciences in university, and perhaps I would not have realized my interest in that career without the chances to work as a group leader in children’s 4H group.

I come from a small town, and the first times I was in 4H activities I was a bit shy and was a bit scared of speaking to people I didn’t know. When the time passed, I had a chance to get more courage to speak, say my opinions and perform in front of an audience. I suppose that those experiences in 4H are something which have made me the person I am right now. A couple of years ago I met my leader from one 4H activity, which I took part at the time I joined 4H. She told me that she remembered how scared I was during that time, but when we met again years later, it was like she met a totally new person. She said that is one of the best things which the organisation can achieve, and I couldn’t agree with her more.

I want to wish all a happy Global 4H Day! Let’s hug when we meet again.

Photo credit: H Finland, Suomen 4H-liitto / Tytti Levänen