Become a COCOREADO Ambassador!

It is important update time! Part of Together Thursdays is to make sure you know all about any interesting and exciting opportunities that the EU provides for you and so we are taking a break from our current theme of democracy to tell you about an exciting opportunity…

The COCOREADO Project is recruiting ambassadors and the applications are now open. You can apply right now here.

The deadline is 21st November so make sure to apply before then!



The COCOREADO project is a Horizon 2020 project to rebalance the position of the farmer in the supply chain as a price setter by reconnecting producer and consumer for fairer pay and greater sustainability. The project will do this through three approaches:

  1. Finding innovative ways of farming and food production that already exist in Europe and gathering a list of best practices that could apply to other European countries so good knowledge can be shared and adapted to different regions and needs.
  2. Finding innovative current practices in public procurement policy that would allow farmers and food producers to better understand and potentially better access the way in which local and national governments order goods for public services as well as helping public institutions access fairer and more sustainable produce.
  3. Recruiting and training 40 COCOREADO youth ambassadors who will work on the project alongside the consortium.

We covered COCOREADO and Horizon 2020 in a previous blog here so go check it out if you want more info, or read on to find out what an ambassador is and how you can apply!


What is an Ambassador? What will they do?


COCOREADO doesn’t want to just be another research project. It isn’t just to compile data and learn about methods, the goal is to implement new innovative methods of food production and put together new ways of reaching consumers so that both sides get a better deal.

One of the key ways in which the project aims to do this is by recruiting 40 youth ambassadors from all across Europe to form an ambassador network who can bring their own ideas, motivations, hopes and experiences to the creation of new solutions. The ambassadors will work alongside the project experts to co-create these solutions and then to help spread the word back to their own communities to help see them implemented.

This is a huge opportunity for young people to be involved and to help make decisions at a top European level. Horizon projects are well funded and highly visible to top EU lawmakers. There is a fantastic opportunity for young people to be given the type of say they are not normally granted with full support and full funding from a huge range of experts from business, law, agriculture, research and more. Our main involvement at Rural Youth Europe as a member of the consortium is to help ensure we get the right most motivated young people involved and that they are then given the full range of responsibility and support they are promised!

The ambassadors will receive three fully funded trainings to Belgium, Latvia, and Spain where alongside the project experts they can examine the gathered novel farming initiatives and create a short list of the best most effective most replicable practices that could benefit food production in Europe.

Experts in law and public procurement will be at the trainings to help the ambassadors understand procurement law and develop a framework for accessing public procurement which will hopefully help farmers and food producers of all sizes access public procurement more competitively offering an opportunity to learn about how to access a huge market.

The ambassadors will co-create these solutions and then use social media and their own networks to spread the word. You can be part of a network of similar enthusiastic young people. Learn from each other, learn from experts in the field and contribute your own ideas as full partners in a project that will change food systems across Europe.




Maybe the most exciting part is the SEED INITIATIVES! These will be five new ideas selected from the ambassadors to form new and interesting food supply chain initiatives. Over the course of the project the ambassadors will alongside the project partners develop the initiatives using all of the best practices gathered and the support of a wide range of experts across Europe. These will be fully funded with around €10,000 euros per initiative and will be a practical way in which the project will actually implement real new change.


Who should Apply?


We want anyone from across the food supply chain, you can occupy any part of it and be interested specifically in any area. Occupy can mean work in, it can mean live on a farm, it can mean volunteer. If you are worried you don’t have the experience, but you do have the motivation, APPLY.

We want people who are motivated!

We want people that know how to communicate to spread the word.

We want people who care about food production, sustainability, and fair systems.

We want people with ideas and interests who we can learn from.

We want people willing to work and contribute.

We want people who are part of a network, club, or community whose voice can be amplified by those around them.

If any of these things apply to you then apply now!


How to apply


The application is extremely easy.

First make a two-minute video. Tell us about your ideas for innovative and sustainable food systems, experience with new food initiatives or work you have done with your local community on food chains or production.

Then go to: Fill out the application form and upload your video!


The deadline is 21st November so make sure to apply before then!

Don’t miss this opportunity and don’t hesitate to contact me on to learn more.



This week’s blog was put together by  John Gillon, Rural Youth Europe’s Project Manager.  If you would like to discuss any aspect of the blog with John, please e-mail



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