Distanced, but still having fun together – online-go4it-competition from the rural youth Lower Austria

Due to the corona-crisis, our social life has changed from personal contact to social distancing. As well as in rural youth Lower Austria, all events, where people could meet each other and have fun together, have been cancelled. But to still give people this experience, we created the online-go4it.

We held the so called “go4it” in the last few years as a contest of knowledge, skill, and fun for our members. Usually people come to this event in a group of four people and solve different quizzes, action parkours and many other fun stations. With these features, we developed an online-version of this competition. With the online-platform zoom, we gave our members the opportunity to meet each other online and play in teams of 4 people, just like the offline-version.

We created 6 games, which were played by the teams

  • Naming of herbs: just with the picture and additionally with some facts
  • Who am I? to recognize famous people with a picture of the person
  • Who seeks shall find: get different things from the household like a spoon, toilet paper… in a certain time
  • Fit in the spring: brain jogging with different questions
  • Guess the song: you have to translate song lyrics from English to German and recognize the song
  • Emoji’s: different emoji’s describe a song, a movie, fairy tale…

Every team was in a different Zoom-Room (breakout-session) and the judges (board members or staff) changed between them. In the end they of course got points for each station and an overall winner was honoured.

This project was very successful. To Summarise, we had 30 competitions within our district organisations with 680 participants altogether. The winners of these competitions qualified for our federal state competition, which will be also held online in June.

After this successful project, we are about to organize our next online-competition for June, which is called “wine cellar rally”. As a traditional wine-growing region, we created for our members a competition with 6 games, which are based on the knowledge for wine production and wine characteristics. For the tasting stations, which are also part the competition, we will send the 2-member-teams the wine samples to their homes.

The interest for this competition is very high so we are looking forward to having many participants just like our online-go4it.