Rural Youth Europe Board Meetings Since 2010

Throughout the year the board meet to discuss business matters regarding the running of the organisation. We aim to meet physically around 5 to 6 times a year with shorter, virtual meetings in between.

The map above shows the countries where we have held our board meetings since 2010. We try to visit different countries so we can meet with as many of our member organisations and partners as possible.

Our meetings are also based around our events as we hold board meetings in conjunction with the Grand Prep meeting, which is held in the host country of that year’s Rally, and also during rally week itself.

During the later stages of the year we endeavour to schedule 2 meetings. The first is the handover meeting which gives the departing board members the opportunity to pass over any vital knowledge to those new to the post. This meeting is often held in Finland, where our office is located, as this makes it easier for all of our staff to attend and meet with the new board. We also have a final meeting close to Christmas to round off the year. Last year we incorporated an evaluation session into this meeting where we invited prep team members from that years events. The board, together with prep team members, reflected on the year’s events and discussed key learnings, experiences and how to move forward and develop in the future.