Landjugend / Rural Youth [reloaded]

„Members are searching for Rural Youth – Rural Youth [reloaded]”, this is the motto of the project from the Rural Youth Austria. The aim of this project is to share the sense of community of a rural youth group with members which are working or studying in Vienna. A team of six members is currently working on this to organise different excursions and tours. It offers a great way to strengthen the network between the members from all over Austria as well as to get different impressions fro

m our capital city Vienna. Besides that it works without any obligations and is uncomplicated to attend. The members just have to enroll to the event if they are interested in the topic.

Between October and June we offer a varied program starting with sports, culture or even culinary events.
As communication platform we use Facebook. There we upload and promote all of our events, also the registration is handled over social media.

We’re happy about the positive response and we’re really looking forward to the semester start and the new upcoming events.