Last Board Meeting in 2018

I flew from Denmark around noon and land in Brussels  two hours later. I took the train to the main train station where I met a city beautifully decorated for Christmas. There are light chains in many places and a Christmas tree here and there. The Christmas atmosphere is on the top.

On Saturday we had part of our board meeting that went very well. We had some really good discussions. I felt I could better join the discussion this time because it was my second meeting with Rural Youth Europe as a board member.

In the evening we met with Ioana, Diana and Robert from the ECYC board, later we were also joined by Andrea from the ECYC office and Alessia from CEJA for dinner out. We get dressed u, had a little Christmas candy and great Christmas music. After we went out to eat in a lovely Christmas dinner. We got really good food and a lot of good talk with the other organisations. It was really cozy and exciting to meet our partners. I hope to meet more organisations like this in my time in the board.

On Sunday we held the rest of the board meeting and had a quick clean of the rental apartment. We said goodbye to each other after a couple of good day together. I was lucky enough to stay one more day in Brussels where I saw the Atomium. It was really nice and exciting to walk around in the Atomium.

Nicolai Olsen – Board Representative of group 3 the Nordic Countries