Rural Youth Austria is excelling with their nationwide project work “Tat.Ort Jugend”

In 2018 about 4.500 members of the rural youth have been volunteering for a good cause. “Tat.Ort Jugend” is a national wide brand for charitable projects which take place all over the year. “Tat.Ort” describes the scene where young people are volunteeringwith visible non-profit-making projects and special encounters which are leaving traces.The engagement of about 194 projects is remarkable. With the variety of the projects our rural areas are able to grow. But not only are the rural areas getting profit out of these projects. Also the society, the whole region and the local community are improving.

Young people are shaping their individual living space and are taking the future into their own hands.

Considerable range of different concepts

The rural youth shows with a considerable range of different concepts what’s possible to do. It’s combined with a lot of fiddling and organizing until the final idea is implemented. The project ranges from organizing a Kids Camp, improving a biotope for domestic songbirds, collecting funds for an injured member to the renovation of an overgrown ruin.

“Each year it’s remarkable which various projects the rural youth groups are setting up. Creativity knows no bounds.” says chairwomen of the Rural Youth Austria, Helene Binder.

As an example the Rural Youth Group of Birkfeld has set the goal to create a barefoot path for their local kindergarten. The idea of this project was to stop for a moment, feel yourself and feel the nature around you. Materials which have been used are pine cone, wood, gravel, paving stones, sand, a rubber mat, grass pavers and bark mulch.

The spirit of sport has been proved by the Rural Youth Group of Ybbsitz with establishing a “pump-track” witch is a wavy railway for biking tours. The Rural Youth Group of Arnfels wanted to bring their old market hall back to life and back to its original purpose – according to the work focus of the rural youth Austria: “I’m buying my goods at home”.

All projects are running under the same cause and the same motto: “Let’s do it!”