Meet the "juniors" from last year’s Junior Event!

During Easter 2016, the second-ever Junior Event “Your Choice” will be held in Turku, Finland.
Almost a year has passed since the first-ever Junior Evet ‘Set Up Your Future’ was held during Easter in Sweden. 13 youngsters aged 13-17 gathered around topics such as job interviews, public speaking and body language. When we asked about their experiences from the event now, a year later, this is what they answered:
Christa, Austria:
"Set Up Your Future was one of the best projects I have ever experienced and I’m really thankful for those days in Sweden last year. Making friends while learning new things and work together on new projects was amazing and if I haven’t had this great chance I would have missed a lot of great moments. So don’t let such an event pass by you without participating, I’m sure you would miss a lot."
Eva, Slovenia:
"The leaders gave us a lot of knowledge that we can use in our (future) everyday life. We didn’t only gain knowledge but also a lot of significant experience. I really enjoyed the afternoon walks in surrounding landscape. This was my first time in Sweden and I already fell in love with the ideal countryside and nature. I had a lot of fun, met many new friends and hopefully I’ll have a chance to participate in a similar event again."
Virpi, Finland:
"Set up your future was a very good experience. I got many good memories and made new friends. Evening programmes and games were funny. I think set up your future was the best way to spend the Easter."
We also did an interview with Florian Laßnig from Austria. Below you can read why he thinks going to a Junior Event is one of the best thing you can do during this Easter!

Why did you choose to go the Junior Event?
I attended the Junior Event, because my brother told me about it and I was instantly amazed by the concept and the topics of the event.
Do you think you developed as a person? How?
Yes, I think I developed as a person. It was the first time I made such a trip and it really showed a new world of travelling and learning to me.
Have you benefitted from what you learnt there?
Yes, I did. I learnt about talking in front of a crowd, group dynamics, body language, writing applications and a lot more!
What is your best memory from the event?
The were a lot of great memorys during the event, but there was a very special one: We sat by a camp fire at the lake, had a lot of fun and watched the sunset. It was awesome!
Would you recommend other young people to go to another JE? why?
Yes, I can really recommend going on a Junior Event! I met so many cool, funny and interesting people, learnt a lot about myself and the things I mentioned before.
Anything else you want to say?
All in all I can say that the Junior Event was on of the greatest experiences in my life and if you have the chance to go to the JE, do it.
Do we need to say more? If you are aged between 13/14-17 years old apply now. The application deadline if February 19th, 2016. Find more information by clicking here.