First dream it. Then believe it. Finally achieve it.

Year 2015 is over and most of us (including me) are making conclusions about everything what has happened. My 2015 has been incredibly busy and challenging, but full of happiness and new experiences. Additionally, there were a lot of changes, which were scary at first, but have been totally worth it. I have met many wonderful people, who have given me a lot of inspiration to be a better person and to be open to new and different opportunities in life.
The most memorable achievement this year has probably been joining Rural Youth Europe as a board member. Even thinking about it still gives me chills of excitement and I am really happy about the opportunity to work in such an amazing team and get to know all of you as well!
It´s the time of the year, when people are getting excited about the new year. So am I! The motivation is skyhigh and it is the best time to think about the year ahead of us. What can be more fun than set our goals for the 2016? I already have a couple of them, but the tricky part is: HOW TO REACH THEM? Working in a career branch (area), I have some tips I would like to share with you.
4 simple tips how to reach your goals on 2016:
 Say your goal out loud, so everybody can hear it. It will motivate you more than you can imagine. Are you tired of answering all the questions about: „Have you reached your goal yet?“ Just go for it and start planning! Next time, you can at least give them an overview about the steps you’ve had made.First of all, your goal must be realistic. So set a date, put it on your calendar and work towards it.Don´t just write it down on a To-Do-List. Visualize! Cut out a picture which reminds your goal and put it on the fridge. Then you can see it every time you go for a snack.You have a long-term goal you are keen to achieve? Break it down for little pieces and achieve them one by one to keep you motivated.
All the best and let 2016 be OUR year!
Greetings from icy Estonia,