About a very special horse

 A person who is involved with horses meets a lot of horses, some just pass while others leave deep marks… 
There is a horse I got the opportunity to be with from the beginning. I clearly remember when she grew up from baby to an adult horse (read: in her heart she never grew up) – when she was trained for the bit and getting used to the saddle and later a rider.
She is the coolest horse I have ever spent my time with, she had a lot of extra energy and tricks to offer. Fast gallops, so that her legs barely could keep the pace… All of a sudden she could run straight into the forrest, just because it was so much more fun to run there!
I was very young when I first got to ride this lady. This is a time in my life that I forever will be grateful for, getting so much “hands-on” experience form such a young horse, and following her when she grew up. She always had a new trick in mind, but she was never evil, which makes her one of the most special horses I have ever met.
We have shared laughters and tears, long rides, swimming on a warm summer day, galopp on summer fields, playing together in the forrest. We should not forget the millions of times she has given me pure panic – that kind of stuff we don’t tell our mums…
Forever loved and missed, beautiful Ögn.