Building bridges – connecting people

We are living in interesting times – aren’t we? Smart phones with hundreds of functions, web access in almost every public place, tons of Social Medias and even iWatches are giving us the opportunity to spread our lives around the whole world. We can check the Facebook status of our friends living somewhere in Europe or inform ourselves about the current weather in Sydney.
Every information we want to reach is available – which is great and enables plenty of opportunities, BUT does this replace the feeling of really traveling somewhere or meeting up face to face with your friends all around Europe? Does it replace the vibe, when the sun is tipping your nose while enjoying a coffee in Sydney’s harbour?
I believe that no travel documentary on TV, no picture or article in the newspaper can compensate the feeling you have while exploring a place for real. Especially when it comes to youth exchanges and project weeks with people from all over Europe or even the world. Those events are something spooky special! Why?  
Well, during an exchange event you share so many NEW experiences with NEW friends. To be a part of an intercultural group is such an intense and unique experience which is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t participated yet – you must feel it for yourself. Trough intercultural diversity, knowledge sharing and a lot of mutual activities throughout the exchange/project your personal horizons will broaden enormously. The following seems impossible but really can happen: Lifelong friendships arise just within a week of exchange like Rural Youth Europe’s Rally or the Autumn Seminar. 
Furthermore you gain a lot of knowledge in certain topics for you and your youth organization. Building bridges within the network of Rural Youth Europe is a great opportunity.
Due to my position in the board of Rural Youth Europe I have the chance to deal with international youth work every day but I am also still active in my local club in Austria which is an interesting constellation. I can see how international youth work experience helps me to develop my local club. This is why I love to give young adults from all over Europe the chance to grow and develop their home organization  with the knowledge gained during in RYEurope Events. I believe that European Citizenship can become a feelingwhich is hiding endless personal opportunities.
RYEurope as an international youth organization gives you the chance to be a part of something big – you just have to catch it. So I am looking forward to seeing you soon at one of our RYEurope Events. 🙂 Lots of good experiences are waiting.
All the best,