Introducing the Youth Development Center of Armenia

At this year’s General Assembly we were proud to welcome a brand new member to the Rural Youth Europe family. Introducing… the Youth Development Center of Armenia!

The Youth Development Center of Armenia (YDC) is a non-profit youth organization dedicated to empowering young people through high-quality non-formal educational opportunities, both in Armenia and internationally. With a strong focus on providing access to top-notch volunteering and non-formal educational experiences, YDC plays a pivotal role in helping young individuals realize their unique initiatives and projects.

Currently, YDC’s activities are concentrated in Yerevan, while also extending its impact to all regions of Armenia through collaborative partnerships with a diverse array of youth organizations and youth clubs throughout the country.

The organization’s core objectives consist of empowering young people to develop as individuals, enhancing their sense of citizenship and community responsibility through volunteering and social actions, encouraging active participation in decision-making processes, implementing programs for socially vulnerable groups and those with limited opportunities, promoting social inclusion, extending international and diaspora youth connections, and contributing to the sustainable development of youth work.

During the three years of the organization’s existence, YDC has not only left a lasting impact on the community but has also created numerous opportunities for young people. Its dedication to addressing critical social issues has made a positive change for Armenia’s youth. As YDC continues to grow and evolve, its commitment to shaping a brighter future for young individuals remains unwavering.

By partnering with the Youth Development Center of Armenia, you are supporting an organization dedicated to nurturing the potential of Armenia’s youth, shaping them into active, responsible, and engaged citizens who will play a pivotal role in building a brighter future for their communities and beyond.

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