Meet our new Chairman of the Board!

During our General Assembly at this year’s Rally in Germany, we elected our new Chairman of the Board – Niall Evans. He will be a familiar face to many at Rural Youth Europe, but here is a little more information to get to know him a bit better.


What member organisation are you a part of?

I am a member of CFfi Cymru Wales YFC and have been a member for 11 years. In this time I have taken on roles within my club, county and also area level where I was most recently the International Chairman of Wales YFC. I have a passion for the work that the committee undertakes, bringing people together from across the world, as well as providing opportunities for members to learn from other organisations. I have sat on the Wales YFC Council for the past 5 where I have learnt more about how organisations are run and also learnt from working with fellow members.


What are the main skills that you have gained from being a part of Wales YFC? 

I have learnt how to work with others while understanding other members points of view. I have spent a lot of time helping members try and reach their full potential through encouragement where possible. Being a multilingual organisation, Wales YFC offers the opportunity to develop linguistic skills which helps you appreciate the differences between us all.


Why did you want to be Chairman of the board of Rural Youth Europe? 

I wanted to be Chair of the Board at Rural Youth Europe because I wanted to give back to members and help develop the organisation further. There’s a huge amount of potential in this organisation that is yet to be tapped into and I feel like the opportunity is there to really dive into it. When we discussed the direction of the organisation at the GA, the enthusiasm of members really brought it home as to why we do this. The passion really showed through and we were given the opportunity to listen to the views of members and provide a direction moving forward.


What is your favourite Rural Youth Europe memory? 

My favourite Rural Youth Europe memory was attending my first rally in Latvia 2017. Not really knowing fully what the event was about, it allowed me to come with an open mind. The first night of meeting members from across the organisation was by far my best memory because everything was new and I met so many different people at one time.


What would you like to achieve during your time as Chair?  

During my time as chair, I would like to see this organisation go from strength to strength. We need to focus on what we do well and provide opportunities for members to develop their skills and knowledge. These next 2 years will fly by, but I will try my best and give all that I can to make sure that this organisation thrives.