Training for European Youth Organisations

From 9th to 14th May we were part of an interesting event at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg. The Youth Department of the Council of Europe held a Training for European Youth Organisations on Non-Formal Education. As we get support for our Events and Operations from the European Youth Foundation and hold Study Sessions together with the Council of Europe, they invited us among many other organisations to improve our educational quality of our work. I was able to take part as a Board Member and being on the Preparation Team for Rally 2022.

We got some good inputs about program flow, project lifecycle, NFE methods and group dynamics for Rally, Autumn Seminar and Study Sessions in future years. I took the preliminary programme of Rally there and was able to get some good advice and feedback on the education flow from other participants and trainers. Besides the educational side, we also learned about the Council of Europe funding opportunities.

The group of 28 participants were amazing. Among the participants, were also members and staff of our Member organisation Umbrella (Georgia), our sister Organisation MIJARC and the European Youth Forum. There was so much to learn not only from the trainers but also especially from the other participants and their organisations.

Each Day after the Training we also had the opportunity to explore beautiful city of Strasbourg and enjoy the company with each other. I am very thankful for this great time and look forward to our future Events and upcoming opportunities supported by the Council of Europe and EYF.


This week’s blog was put together by Martin Siemen, Rural Youth Europe Board Member for Group 2 (Central Europe).




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