Shrinking Space for Civil Society – The Study Session

Iiristiina Heinonen, participated in the Study Session that took place in the beginning of March this year. Here below she tells us about the experience.

I participated in study session “Shrinking space for civil society” in the beginning of March. The session was in France, in European Youth Centre in Strasbourg. The session was organised by Rural Youth Europe and European Confederation of Youth Clubs. There were around 30 participants from around Europe in the session.

During the session we got to know the topic in many different ways. We discussed together, told our own experiences and met visitors from different organisations and careers. When we applied to the session, we wrote our own stories about our experiences among the theme. During the week we worked with those stories, and in the end of the week we presented the stories to each other. And of course we didn’t forget to have fun as well!

I learnt a lot during the session. I learnt a lot about the theme, but also new activities which can be used as learning methods. Every time I’ve been to Rural Youth Europe events, I’ve learnt new activities which I’ve used in my own organisation. In the session we worked with our own stories, and I learnt how to use my own experiences to make a change. The most important thing which I got from the sessions were all new friends.

If you want to learn more about the topic, listen to our podcast Rural Voices where we in the first episode talk about Shrinking Civil Spaces.