Staff changes at the RYEurope Office

We are starting off this autumn with new power and an updated staff, where we welcome our new Administrator Trang V. Phi, and seeing Pia’s role reduced to advisor, only working on an hourly basis in some consultancy tasks, from now on. Jenni, who has been back since the beginning of the year, is now moving into the position of Development Manager, while Eelin will continue working in the capacity of Secretary General.

We’ve asked Trang to introduce herself and here is what she came up with.

Influenced by my dear father, who has works for years at Plan International NGO as an architect with projects to build houses for the rural residents in Vietnam. The attitude of supporting and assisting in order to build a strong community has passed through the family. I have been proactive in lots of volunteer activities for youth since having been in Vietnam, including education, environment, self-improvement and leadership, etc.

I came to Finland 5 years ago from Vietnam, for the higher education. Coming to Finland, I have also been active searching for challenges and opportunities. I have joined several volunteer activities before joining the AISIEC (International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences). I have been active in the organisation AISIEC Haaga-Helia, later merged into AISIEC in Finland, for about 10 months in 2017 as one of the board members and in charge of Finance area.

Time flies and 2019 comes with new challenges. That’s why when seeing Rural Youth Europe was searching for a new team member, without any hesitation, I have sent my application. After the friendly interview and also significant tests, I have been welcomed to the team in June 2019 to start my position as an Administrator in August 2019. I really look forward to the journey ahead and my progress in RYEurope.