Youth Participation in Politics in Switzerland

During 2018 RYEurope asked the participants in our various events to prepare a text or a video on youth participation in their home countries. The idea with this was for the participants and consequently also other young people, to realise the different ways they can actively contribute to the society and to help shape it.

The Swiss Rally Team interviewed a Swiss young politician, Mario Cozzio, and learned about his political involvement and his involvement in working for the LGBTQ+ rights. Here’s a short summary of the interview and you can see the whole interview in the bottom of this blog post.

Summary Local Study Visit

We (Irene Fischer, Franziska Rölli, Ueli Baumgartner, Thomas Frei and Christian Fischer) made an interview with Mario Cozzio who is the President of the Young Green Liberal Party (JGLP) in Lucerne, vice president of the local Green Liberal Party (GLP), Board Member of the GLP of the district Lucerne and CO-President of the Networking Group concerning LGBTQ+ questions in the GLP. Our decision interview Mario came from Franziska, who knew him and knew that he is very active in Youth Participation. The party’s main goals are to maintain a sustainable society for the future generations. His personal aim is to get LGBTQ+ issues raised and to have same sex marriages discussed and answered in the Swiss politics. In his opinion the youth participation isn’t bad, but to get it even better the people of Switzerland should listen better to young people.