Chairman’s Season’s Greetings

Its already December and slowly some Christmas spirit is arriving and it feels like the years has past by so fast, but also a lot of things happend in 2018 and it has been a very successful year for Rural Youth Europe.

Our theme for 2018 has been „Youth participation“ and our main focus within this topic was of course the rural youth perspective. We asked ourself the question: How does rural youth activley take part in their society around Europe? And what has to change to ensure that rural youth get’s the change to actively develop their rural areas further to make them attractive for themselfs and others to live in.

Well, there may be many different point of views on that but one  is definitely very clear: „Rural Youth and Young Farmers are an important backbone to ensure that rural areas stay attractive! For example there would be much less tourism without farmers taking care of our landscape. There would be much less social events, charity, gatherings, education for youth and muchmore without all our active rural youth- and young farmers clubs out there. Rural youth is strong and can form the rural society of the future, to make sure rural areas stay an attractive place to live for future generations to come.“

In 2019 our focus will be all about „Democracy“. In times were we face huge international political questions, which can’t be solved by one nation or country it is very important to understand how our democratic systems are working and how rural youth can raise their voice within it. Therefore we will focus on Democracy in all our events and activities in 2019. Also, there are EU elections coming up next year, were the voice of rural youth has to be heard. Activites and cooperations with our sister organizations are already in the pipeline. Be curious.

I would like to thank all of you who have taken part in our events this year, especially those who have worked so hard to make them happen. Remember what you have learnt, experienced and what connections you have made. I also want to thank our office staff and all board memebrs who put a lot of effort into this orgainzation.

Now it is time to find a few calm days with your family and close ones over Christmas and New Years Eve. Time to reflect on 2018 and make already one or the other plan for 2019.

And last but not least –  keep the rural youth spirit up.

I wish you all a great Christmas and happy and healthy New Year 2019.

Sebastian Lassnig