Finland plays host to RYEurope Board Meeting

The Handover Board meeting took place in Finland from 19th to 21st October 2018. All members of the outgoing and incoming board were able to be in attendance together with each of staff members; Pia, Eelin and Jenni.

Board members began to arrive a few days early which allowed for some sightseeing in Helsinki and a valuable visit to Rural Youth Europe Headquarters ahead of the meeting. The Board Meeting commenced on Friday 19th with some team building activities before moving onto to a ‘World Café’ discussion on topics such as culture awareness, communication and how the board wanted to work together as a team. The morning was informal and allowed the strengths and passions of each board member to naturally emerge enabling everyone to  to see how the board could work together as effectively as possible over the coming year. Pia then facilitated a workplan and funding session to help new board members to learn more about Rural Youth Europe.

The agenda also included a review of past events, discussion of upcoming events, policy work, finances, updates on member organisations and partners, strategic goals, role division and a handover discussion between outgoing and incoming board members. Everyone also had the opportunity to embrace Finnish culture by tasting the local cuisine and relaxing in the Sauna in the evening. All-in-all a packed and productive meeting.

Finland was a beautiful location for the Handover meeting providing picture-perfect views to motivate and encourage the board. Stunning sunsets symbolised the reflections of outgoing board members and spectacular sunrises signified the hopes and ambitions of the incoming board.