The competition with yourself

Life with horses as hobby probably brings success at some point, but before that more 
challenges than you could imagine. Meanwhile you learn a lot by living trough frustration, hard work and much joy.
I practice dressage and jumping on my half blood mare Eleonora, but I have never expected to reach further in competitions than possibly some placements at local level. I get very easily nervous when someone is watching when I ride so already riding in front of a large public makes me horrified. Maybe it gets better by time, as competition situations are new to me. Even if I have been riding since I was four, it is only since I recently got Eleonora that I have a horse with capacity for competitions. Participating in competitions or not, I anyway practice to improve my own skills, so it is more a competition with myself than with other riders. The road to possible small successes give much experience and make life as a stable keeper more interesting.
What is your personal competition about? Perhaps you as well practice horseback riding, or is your competition in some other sport or hobby, or maybe in becoming better at your work?
My name is Janina Sandell and will in the future share my photos and short updates about my life on the countryside in Åland, an archipelago in the southwest of Finland. I rent a little farm where my two horses, two dogs and two rabbits live. Additionally two other horses are accommodated my stable. The photos I share here at the blog are both from my farm and from other stables and farms, as I am a freelance photographer often 
photographng pets and their owners. More of my photos can be found at the Facebook page “Teskedspixlar”.