Celebrating Midsummer

As we have now been meeting online with RYEurope board, we have noticed many new things about our homes and home countries. Some of us have been sweating with +30 degrees, and some of us have been freezing in the cold rain at the same time, in other side of Europe. We have also got to know different traditions from different countries and areas: in our June board meeting I was preparing for the Midsummer party, as it is one of the biggest celebrations of the year in North.

Midsummer is the celebration for the summer, and it is celebrated in the end of June. The time is different in every country: in Finland and in Sweden the Midsummer is celebrated on Saturday between June 20th and 24th, but other countries might have a different date. In Finland it is common to light a huge bonfire in Midsummer night. In Sweden, and in Swedish speaking parts of Finland, it is common to have a huge mast, which is decorated by flowers and leaves. In Northern parts of Europe, behind the polar circle, the sun will not set at all during the day. On that time the night is called “nightless night”, and that is also something worth to see some time with your own eyes.

Perhaps because the magic of the bright night, there are many spells for Midsummer night. For example, in Finland there is a spell that if you pick seven flowers from nature and put them under your pillow when you sleep, you can see your future lover in your dreams. The other way of seeing your future lover, is to look down at the well naked and you should see the lover in the reflection of the water. Sounds pretty easy, right?

If you missed the actual date for Midsummer, don’t worry. Summer is short in many countries, so just be happy about the beautiful sunny days when you have them. I wish all our members a beautiful and happy summer holidays, and I hope we can meet soon, at least virtually.



Iiristiina Heinonen.

Board member for group 3, Northern Europe.