The classic team builder, problem solving exercise.




  1. One person is send outside the door and remains there until the others are ready.
  2. The rest of the group, stand in a circle holding each other’s hands.
  3. Without letting go of the other people’s hands, everybody tries to move around to “tie a knot”.
  4. Once everybody is happy with the knot, the person outside the door is called in to untie the knot.

Tips for facilitator

Variation: Everybody closes their eyes, moves around a bit, and grasps two random hands. Once everybody is holding on to two hands, the group tries to untie the knot. (This way no one needs to go outside)

If you’re running this as a facilitator, it can be a good moment to discuss how you as a group would solve problems, and what if issues are not that easy to solve, how do you deal with frustration and other uncomfortable feelings within the group and with others as individuals.