The participants pretend that that they take part in a ski race as the leader takes them through the race.


  1. The participants form a circle.
  2. The facilitator explains that this is a ski race and begins by explaining the different moves.
  3. First everyone has to put their ski gear on: suit, shoes and a helmet. The skiers have to stand in downhill ski position, and when the facilitator says “large/small jump” everyone has to jump, when the facilitator says “left/right turn” the participants has to lean to either side.
  4. The race goes faster and faster with jumps and turns coming closer and closer, and ends with a photo finish (where the participants has to turn their heads to the camera smiling).

Tips for facilitator

The facilitator act as a storyteller leading the group through the story with the movements.

Additional info

The energiser has been tried and tested at many RYEurope events over the years.