By assigning the participants fruits and calling out different fruits people have to change places.


Chairs, one for everyone except the facilitator.


1. The group sits on chairs in a circle. There should be one chair for each player in the circle, with the facilitator standing in the middle.
2. Each person is assigned the name of a fruit (e.g. apple, banana, orange, etc.) by the facilitator. There should be 4 or 5 people with each fruit name.
3. When the facilitator shouts out the name of a fruit, all people with that fruit must change places, leaving on person in the middle (the facilitator takes one of the empty chairs). When a player’s fruit is called, he/she must move to a new seat.
4. They are not allowed to end up sitting on the chair they were sitting on when their fruit was called.
5. The person who fails to find a new chair is left in the middle and he/she chooses the next fruit.
6. If somebody shouts, “fruit salad!” then the whole group must swap places.

Tips for facilitator

Instead of fruit, the facilitator can say “everyone with green socks/blond hair/glasses change places” or “everyone who likes to read/has been to Africa/have been leading a workshop” etc. This way the group can get to know each other a little better while moving around.