In two teams participants pass on a "electric shock" and the quicker one wins.


A scarf, a small ball or other item.


  1. The group is split up in two (or more) teams, and the two teams hold each other’s hands. They should stand in two rows next to each other.
  2. 5 meters in front of them is an item (the scarf or other).
  3. One person squishes the last person of each team’s hand, and they the next persons hand and so on, so it starts an electric wave.
  4. When the first person in each row, who feels the wave, they will run to get the item.
  5. The team who gets the item wins.

Tips for facilitator

Build team spirit by asking the groups to name their team, create a cheer and other. Or then do best out of 3, and ask the teams to build on their game strategy between the turns.
You can also reflect on the exercise thinking about how the team is built and how different roles are split in the group, questioning how this transfers to real life situations. I.e. “I saw you taking a lead in the decision making when you discussed the strategy, are you a leader also in your work/hobby/school etc?” “How did it feel to lose at the game? How do you deal with disappointments in your daily life?” “How can you strengthen the group feeling?” etc.