An energiser that helps the group to focus.


1. Everyone stands in a circle.
2. One person bends down and pick up an invisible gun. The person can only shoot the gun to his/her left or right, right next to him/her.
3. When shooting left you must make “a gun” with your fingers and point to the left saying “zip”. Shooting to the right, you must point to the right and say “zap”.
4. When being zipped or zapped you have “the gun” and you have to shoot someone new as fast as possible still pointing and saying zip or zap.
5. If you say the zip and point to the right you start over.
6. After some rounds and everybody understands the game spoink is added. When you spoink someone you can shoot someone who is not next to you, but it is important to point so everybody knows who you spoink.

Tips for facilitator

Variation: when a mistake is made you die. The winners are the two left in the end.