Bring the stick to the ground as a team!


One rolled piece of A4 paper, broom stick, hoop, or other long light items.


Everybody put their pointing finger under the stick in a 40-degree angle, standing an equal number opposite of each other. Now the task is to get the stick from arm height down to the ground by moving the fingers down at the same time without dropping it. If the group easily gets this done, give them the same task but tell them they have to close their eyes or look away when lowering the stick.

Tips for facilitator

Reflect on the frustration it might cause when the stick does not go down, but is going the opposite direction.
You can also reflect on communication and team work strategies that helped to make sure the stick went the way it should.

Additional info

User comment: I first played this game at the RYEurope Autumn Seminar in Slovenia 2015. It seems so plain and simple but is really difficult. A good way to challenge the participants!