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  1. Participants are split up in two teams.
  2. They stand in a row with their hands on the shoulders on the person in front of them.
  3. Now the two teams have to catch the other caterpillars tail, when they catch it the team who caught the other teams tail, will gain a person.
  4. The winning team is the team who end up with all the people.

Tips for facilitator

A variation: The participant starts out solo, playing “rock, paper, scissors”. The one that loses has to go behind the winner and put their hands on his or her shoulders. The winner continues competing the other, while the rest of the “caterpillar” (the previous losers)move behind the first winner and cheer for the winner. In the end there will be two long “caterpillars” competing each other.

Additional info

This game was used at the RYEurope Conference in Estonia 2017.